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Our Centre was founded in 1980. Being among the oldest foreign language educational establishments in Glyfa    da, it is known for its high standard in foreign language teaching programmes. - JENES GLOSSES GLYFADA

We provide you with one of the best educational environments on modern premises. Our experienced staff, most advanced technology equipment and both our tested and successful educational programmes, guarantees success for your students both in their academic and business life.

For the last 34 years our centre has shown continuous and successful progress in the area of language teaching.

This success over these years is led to the subsequent:

We genuinely value our students' progress.

We aim at guiding our students to really care for the language they are being taught.

Our staff contains experienced teachers and native speakers in the language they teach.

Our company offers broader incentives than simply classroom teaching. In this manner our students grasp and familiarize themselves with all aspects of the language they are being taught (art, culture and sports technology etc.)

We use up-to-date technology

• Utilization of e-books for home study

• Smart boards

• Multimedia Lab: teaching languages using a computer.

Our 15000 students are living evidence of our success, since every one has a very high standard of information of the language and are in the position to communicate with ease and precision inside a friendly environment. There exists nothing more rewarding for a teacher than meeting a student inside the street who are able to laugh, reminisce and chat over old times in the school. - JENES GLOSSES GLYFADA